Leveraging on Forte Insurance (Cambodia) Plc’s 20 years experience in Cambodia Market as a prominent market leader in the country, Forte Life Assurance (Cambodia) Plc understands well the local context and the needs of Cambodian people. Our aim is to provide life insurance products that work for every Cambodian not just those people living in the city but also those who are in the provinces through our innovative, simple, affordable and easy to understand Life Insurance Products.



Lower middle income populations are normally excluded from traditional and typical insurance market where the access to insurance product is limited given complexity nature in insurance products and less affordable insurance premium. Forte Insurance (Cambodia) Plc wanted a breakthrough by making insurance accessible to these lower middle income families.  


Started in 2008 in one department of Forte Insurance (Cambodia) Plc, Microinsurance was introduced to this market by allowing the low income very first time access to insurance protection. 2016 is another key milestone for us when we were licensed by Ministry of Economy and Finance and operated as Forte Microinsurance Plc.


With 10 years experience in this market segment, we strongly believe that, Cambodian people need more insurance products and we can do even better to serve Cambodian as Forte Life Assurance (Cambodia) Plc. was established and given operating license in February 2019.



We have a very strong team of life insurance veterans with 30 to 40 years experience in the region together with our local management team who are highly knowledgeable insurance professionals and have gone through professional insurance courses and get Asssociateship of Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII) and Associateship of Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII) from Malaysia and United Kingdom. They have also been attending to numerous courses, trainings, seminars, and conferences in Cambodia and oversea. The team has 10 to 40 years of professional experience in Underwriting, Product Development, Marketing and Sale and local market knowledge.


We believe in a diverse work environment and a strong culture of inclusiveness that allows our workforce to contribute to their full potential. Their unique outlook and experiences are crucial to our continued success.


Above and beyond, however, our people are reliable, honest and efficient. Their knowledge and experience allow us to continuously grow and offer high-quality products and services.